We offer cleverly designed, tailor-made nanocarriers for the efficient and low-risk use of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other highly potent substances for medical and life science applications.

Universal modular platform technology

Our flexible, modular platform technology is based on polymer nanocarriers, which can be tailor-made and thus used for a wide range of applications. Various active pharmaceutical ingredients or other cargoes can be packaged in (biocompatible) polymers and the release kinetics can be adapted to the respective question. Specific tissues or cells can be addressed by various surface functionalizations. The transport system optimized for your application leads to an efficient use of highly potent substances.

Smart Nanocarriers for Targeted Drug Delivery

Our particular focus is the utilization of nanocarriers functionalized with dyes, which can transport active substances to a specific target site. The dyes serve as a targeting unit and at the same time offer the potential for in vivo detection which allows a parallel measurement of organ function or the drug transport efficiency. This comprehensively patented approach enables a systemic administration of highly potent substances which are only released in the target tissue in a controlled manner to achieve a local effect. This allows reduced dosages and an improved spectrum of side effects.

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